How to Nail that Job in Kenya


1We all know that job hunting in Kenya is not that easy. But if you come to think of it, what’s is anyway? Everywhere around the globe, the competition for everything is always high, and Kenyan jobs aren’t excluded. However, with a few helpful tips, your journey to an established career in this South African jewel, can begin on a positive note.

Stay open to possibilities.

Try and check out Kenyanjobshub for more details. Like all other job markets in the world, Kenya’s is always changing. New technologies and new market needs have led employers to new requirements when hiring people. To raise your chances of getting a job, you need to accept this fact instead of sticking to old-fashioned job-hunting methods. In decades past, you just had to send a simple resume and ace one or two interviews. These days, employers want to be impressed with CV’s, well-drafted cover letters and additional qualifications. Moreover, applicants may have to attend more than two interviews for a single job.

Search everywhere.

To gain an edge over other job-seekers, you need to try various avenues. For example, don’t stop with newspapers and personal job referrals. Get online. In fact, this where you can find wide-ranging opportunities. Google jobs in Kenya. Use job-hunting sites. There is so much going on out there. And don’t forget to check out the social media. Here, you can actually have a conversation with employers and other job-hunters. Many people have secured Kenyan jobs hub through this route and you should try it.

Maintain a friendly network.

If you really want to get employed, whether in Kenya or another country, you need to take job hunting seriously. And one of the best things you can do is to maintain a network of friends. This is not just efficient and cheap, but also effective in raising your chances of being handpicked through recommendation. You need a big network of friends who can be trusted and have somehow the same mindset as you.

Be in the loop regarding job market trends.

As we have said earlier, job markets are very dynamic. This doesn’t only impact the industry in general but also in certain aspects of career development. Business and commerce-related careers were highly marketable a few years earlier, but not anymore today. Employers are now more focused on IT work. Therefore, you need to know how employers’ demands are changing so you can adjust yourself as necessary.

Build on your knowledge.

The reality is, competition is now very high in the Kenyan job market. Employers are now more focused on skills rather than educational experience. Hence, with one degree and multiple certifications, you will surely gain a huge advantage at a job prospect. Even if an applicant has more than one degree or even a Masters degree, but lacks technical experience, you can still beat him. In short, diversify your skills to nail a job in Kenya.